Poetry at Sangam



Anthology of Marred Memories
 by Ravisha Mall

When she was a little girl of 12

a boy told her

she doesn’t know

how to kiss.

He was sixteen,

had assumed she was older,

(She wore a bra after all)

so nothing seemed amiss.

He went on,

I’ll teach you

he said,

it’s not too late

but now you must learn;

And just like that

the illusion that

she was her parents’ perfect princess

came undone.

So a girl of 13,

she set out to find

How to kiss just right.

How to use her tiny tongue,

keep her lips left loose,

and her eyes shut tight…

Many Many takers

for the role of a teacher

she found,

boys and men

with wagging tails,

the smell of fresh meat

brought all the Wolves around…

And one by one they taught

the girl of 14

What was to be squeezed

and what was not.

Confused and eager,

on her knees she learnt,

how pleasure is to be given

but never to be sought.

And ever so often

her tiny body

was put to test…

To ensure she’d remember

all the reasons

why her best part

was her big chest.

And so when the little girl

became an old woman of 15,

she discovered another vagina

where her mouth

had been;

And was told her teeth

were useless for carnal pursuits!

In fact,

they must never be used!

And never ever

shall they ever meet,

unless she was smiling

for a nude selfie.

But when that not-so-little girl

turned 16, she met

a boy her own age…

Curly hair and guitar in his hands

his beliefs from a

rather respectable patronage.

They fell in a young love

the kinds that films promise

would happen sooner or later;

They kissed

and this time

she was better…

And transfixed by her “knowledge”

he went crazy about her touch…

Every act of intimacy was a first for him

even though she couldn’t claim as much.

Till one day he found out

the story behind

how she’d learnt to do her tricks.

And as he walked away

she asked him

if it was the way she kissed?

But he left without a word

and never looked back to see,

the tired woman left behind,

wondering what she had

still left to learn

about making a man happy.