Poetry at Sangam



Untitled by Mohsen Emadi

Translated from Persian by Lyn Coffin and Mohsen Emadi

A ruined land
is not
a wasteland,
an abandoned house,
or an empty bed.
It’s the ruin, the one who ruins, and the act of ruining.
Its geography is cruelty.
Point by point
its map has been marked by everything it lacks:
it is a hand throwing a stone at the window,
it is the window breaking,
it is a piece of glass wounding my hand.
A ruined land
is not blood.
It is the invader:
it is you
who measure my capability
not by my kisses
but by how much you own.
(From Standing On Earth by Mohsen Emadi, translated by Lyn Coffin, Phoneme Media, 2016)
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