Poetry at Sangam



Morning Star by Ziba Karbassi

Translated from Persian by Stephen Watts & Ziba Karbassi
all these stars but
           only one star to hook on the black
                             of her skirt
and it rips that skirt wide open
           it rips the skirt of the night wide
and then
           little by little the red
                      and then little by
                                 little red-orange
                   and then little
                                 by little orange yellow
                             and then little
                                            by little the yellow
and when night passes out to neurosis,
                               the colors erupt
and it pushes itself up and up and down and up,
                        night, with all its nervous
           here, right here
                      in front of us
when the first slit of sunlight slants across us
             any star, any single star can
                        be the morning
(From The Forbidden, Poems from Iran and Its Exiles, Edited by Sholeh Wolpé, Michigan State University Press, 2012)
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