Poetry at Sangam



Talaq Talaq Talaq by Sonnet Mondal

To the women who stood against Triple Talaq

When days turned dusky for you
I knew you waited for full moon

to see how baya weavers rub beaks
in consent to preserve their love.

Like a globetrotter who never rides on
the fanfare of trumpets,  of war and glory

I knew how you craved for equity
crying like a maudlin Stradivarius.

Your Nikah was no devotion,
but the carousal of a ravenous brute

and as you realized those owls
waiting to carry your chicks

like pouches of field mice
all that you prayed for was new moon.

I know now, from your palms
sliding from ears to cheeks

and from your eyelids
opening like hushed oyster-shells —

pearls still shine in your eyes –

that never feared, never gave up

to scream a hundred Talaqs
to Talaq, Talaq, Talaq