Poetry at Sangam



Answer Maa by Sonnet Mondal

The day you hid the door of afterlife —
Earth, flames and ashes
the apprehensions
allying illusion and reality.

I still sense your presence
around that door
but a sound from this opening
seems like an echo in the wilderness —

warning as well as bewitching me
to reveal myself to the untraveled.

Still for my senses,
like a deserted impala calf —
I am hurling questions and calls
to the woods, drowsy in meditation.

Maa, I know you won’t answer.
I am therefore standing

soaking myself
trying to find answers
in the undertone of this rain
falling on the tin house.

In a skirmish with anxiety
my wakefulness is waiting
to meet sleep in person
[if she has heard you somewhere.]

Answer Maa

Or what’s the purpose of
perpetuating the thirst of my eyes

Tears are digging deep inside

a canyon of remembrances
is getting drilled.

Answer Maa.