Poetry at Sangam



Burnt Journal 1978 by Robert Sheppard

Just write what you see and it will peel away
to leave the stink of power, parish drains
foaming with waste. The lady choristers choke
in their pinafores as a car bomb explodes
on the geopolitically sensitive bridge at the border.
Pegasus roars into the stormy sky. In the equestrian centre
wicker effigies of horses rustle in the breeze. Back
to back the typists rattle on with baffling precision.

Filter unblemished daylight through the screen of your lids.
Across the tumulus, centaurs streak. Concorde
tears the sky apart, an incandescent tenor straining for effect
as another vehicle detonates. Hooves and wingèd feet
take flight in a rush. Just write and you will see…

(for Eleanor Rees)