Poetry at Sangam




What was the previous question, was it deleted?
There must be a question for there to be an answer.
There must be 41 questions in total, for a full score.
There are no hermeneutic schmucks, I’m sorry to say.
No, I paid good money for this game, Ms Chee.
Talk to the hand, Ms Chee said, while grading her papers.
Talk to my finger, Mr Woodcock said, cleaning his finger.
There are 389 lemper udangs on the dessert platter.
There are 347 talam ubis on the long table.
There are 2 ongol ubis and 5 binka ubis hidden within.
Look at these Eisenstein primes sans imaginary parts.
What is the ratio of getuk ubis to the talam ubis?
There is Schnucks peanut butter as a dip, if you’d like.
This is a schmuck’s idea of an afternoon of puzzles.
It’s Pictionary without paper and drawing pencils.
It’s Monopoly without the board and tiny hotels.
It’s Risk with postcolonial theorists, instead of continents.
Where did the Kampong Chicken find the harum manis?