Poetry at Sangam




On the table lies a red pencil.
Haruki Murakami used that pencil for Quake.
Don DeLillo saw narratology at the tip of the pencil.
On the table lies some pencil shaving, oddly shaped.
On the table lies a mechanical pencil, Daddy’s gift.
Beside the table are two other tables.
One table has a triangular top.
The other has four sides, each side adorned with lace.
On one of the two tables is a green marker.
The teacher picks up the marker, points it at the moon.
The teacher draws the sun, eclipsed, on the bigger table.
Next to the vase of flowers, delivered just past noon.
No one knows where the flowers came from.
No one knows what kind of flowers.
The teacher draws a diagram with the marker.
The diagram has overlapping circles.
Each circle represents a quaking human emotion.
There are more than three human emotions.
What is the teacher’s middle name?