Poetry at Sangam




The author likes black garlic in his ramen.
The author likes satay gravy on his mee rebus.
The author likes to make his own salted egg custard.
The author likes the croissants at Bread & Hearth.
Tiong Bahru Bakery too, where the author had truffles.
Before the croissant, before Da Paolo Gastronomia.
Where the author had champagne with almonds.
The author wanted honeyed walnuts from a packet.
The author imagined he was on a flight to New York.
On Singapore Airlines Suites Class.
That seat costs over twenty grand, last we checked.
The author decided to only read Neruda on the flight.
The author wanted to only think about love.
Hence, the Neruda although there are better love poems.
A good love poem is a croissant at Patisserie G.
The author we’re talking about is not this author.
This author being the author of this book.
Which author would you prefer wrote this book?
What is the title of Rilke’s next sonnet?
Clue A: It begins with B.
Clue B: It doesn’t sound like Bleah.
Clue C: You can pronounce it.
Clue D: You can find it on Wiki.