Poetry at Sangam



PORTRAIT OF VIRGINIA GRACEY by Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta

          (As Fernando Amorsolo)

                 Amorsolo used natural light in his paintings and developed the backlighting technique
                 Chiaroscuro, which became his artistic trademark and his greatest contribution to
                 Philippine painting. In a typical Amorsolo painting, figures are outlined against a
                 characteristic glow, and intense light on one part of the canvas highlights nearby
                 details. Philippine sunlight was a constant feature of Amorsolo’s work; he is
                 believed to have painted only one rainy-day scene.
                 – Wikipedia


          Every portrait is a study in want. Damsel hues: rose, amaretto,
          The sky peeking through foliage above Ms. Grasey’s face.
          Eyes I haven’t the blue for: too deep for asul, too glad for bughaw.

          She will sit for this portrait for the better part of the afternoon.
          The provenance of that smile shall be ascribed
          To a French song about roses, or a same-eyed G.I.

          No one can guess how she has just brushed
          Ants from her forearm; how she chooses to press
          Her tongue against her teeth, rather than cry.