Poetry at Sangam




Meghan bought the Gudetama ruler with a compass.
Meghan got the Gudetama stress ball for her exams.
Meghan got the Gudetama trinket in a dinosaur egg.
Meghan walked to the Sanrio counter for stickers.
Meghan bought the box of Gudetama Quick Picks.
Just to get the mystery prize of a Gudetama pillow.
Just to see what Kevin would do that evening.
Just to see Dae-Jung ascend Whitman’s Staircase.
Just to see the author read Auden’s Funeral Blues.
Just to see the compass point north and south.
Point to Meghan’s east, then west, then north again.
Point to the Gudetama without a face.
Point to the Gudetama with hearts on its butt cheeks.
The hearts are lipstick kisses, smeared as if given in a rush.
Those were Sure Win Lucky Dips, like fast love.
Point to the Gudetama rushing to catch the last train.
Point to the Gudetama floating in egg white.
Point to the Gudetama trapped in a rotation curve.
The rotation curve changes as the stars shift positions.
The stars have altered trajectories in this spiral galaxy.
How far is Meghan from the centre of the galaxy?