Poetry at Sangam




Among the many talented voices in contemporary Kannada poetry, one that shines like a beacon, over more than half a century of work, is that of 80-year-old K.S. Nissar Ahmed, or, to refer to him by his full name, Kokkare Hosahalli Sheikh Haider Nissar Ahmed. A card-carrying member of the Navya school of modernist Kannada poetry, he came to Kannada poet-laureate Kuvempu’s notice very early on, and was invited by him to perform at the prestigious Dasara Kavigoshti in Shimoga in 1969, when he was only 23. But it would be another 20 years before Nissar Ahmed became a household name. His poetry ranges over eclectic concerns, flavoured bu his wonderfully conversational, very insightful, observations on many things under the sun.

Poems by K.S. Nissar Ahmed

Why So Many Gods?

You’d Laugh Behind My Back, Would You?

America, America

The 5 PM Rain