Poetry at Sangam




(Translated from the Marathi by Sachin Ketkar.)

Like all the husbands in the world
My husband feels
I love him a lot
I don’t want to shatter his illusion
Yet I don’t feel it is right for him
To live with this illusion for his whole life
In a careless moment of embrace
I might tell him

If I come across a more good-looking
More intelligent
More understanding man
I might even have a fling with him
Without hesitating
The moment of ecstasy is a beautiful one
Which men have commonly found
To tell you the truth
I would love to betray
And I won’t even feel guilty about it later at all
On the contrary I will love my husband more after that
That he allowed me to betray
Gave me an opportunity
To have that rapturous moment
An opportunity to prove my humanness.
I would apply more ghee to his chapattis
I would even read recipe books to find out
How to make his favourite vegetables better
Turn compassionate
About his relatives
I would become more aware

Of the colour of the curtains
The interior design
I will find greater intensity
In Ravi Shankar’s notes
Find deeper meanings and talk endlessly
About Hussain’s paintings
To even the clueless onlooker
I will spend hours looking for my husband’s tie.
With the joy of getting the right to sex
Which nobody gets
I will even spend the rest of my life happily
Stupidly and senselessly
In the four walls of domestic security
In the husband’s warm embrace
Remembering his breaths
I will enjoy like a man
The lovely betrayal
Probably even my husband
Would be remembering some other woman’s face
Both of us in our illusions
Like worms in the bad apple.
Our faces would turn like those
In Picassos paintings
And the Pied Piper would be sitting and piping
On the corner of the blank canvass of the domestic bed
The musical procession of the world’s most beautiful swindle
Would follow him
And the violet love on the every bed
Will take off its mask
Let every woman get what she wants