Poetry at Sangam



UNTITLED by Sridala Swami

The stinging lip
The ringing ear
The toppled light

This is not hypothetical.

If you could kill with your bare hands
You said   bare hands
The one you love
And the world became a better place

This is hypothetical.
A better world in words only.

If you acted if you did not act
If you rose if you drowned
If you stayed or left
If you were staid or deft
If you sliced time too thin for pain
If you provided a line and turned it into a rope
If you allowed yourself to hope
If you spidered into a corner
If you drew and quartered
If you cornered truth and flayed it alive
If you were surrounded by light
If your blind spot shone like a torch in the dark
If you loved with your bare hands
If you stung with your lips
If you toppled the light with your blind spot
If you drowned with your wings
                                                      If you stopped
If you walked away.

All you dammed life, hypothetical.