Poetry at Sangam




A. Tweet

The blue bird contains the occasion
For declaring war; its obscene surplus
Supplement: recognition. IS paradox:
The search for place that becomes
Place: hunt for home of nomads.

(This is the perversity of the Holy Land:
To claim, ‘Here it is,’ and hold up sand,
Ruins.) Hijra is to live. Plus, Hebdo’s
Blasphemy was easy: the attack was
Criticism, in the way of a literary
Event stripped of its symbolic
Dimension. (I kissed the TP
After wiping: in shit writ
Second Genesis: ‘And the
Earth was without form, and
Void; and darkness was upon
The face of the deep,’ and so on.)

In that it builds illusions
To undermine them, and
Undermines illusions to
Build again, the poem, it
Seems, is most just atopic.

(Two friends pass through
From the Himalayas;
Their flesh, they
Say—& this  
Is evident—


B. Gram

It’s slippery. If there were
reason—indeed, if there were
sound of reason—but that is in-
consistent. Honesty must mean
utter fidelity to consequences.

We dream in Bedlam (beneath
the stairs: kitchen; pantry) for
‘even the wildest dreamers re-
flect in their dreams the con-

temporary social state’ [Comte].

Intend to buy OX cylinder—on
arrival, offer guests some sucks
(urbane receipt, at our advanced
duration). Bell jar atmospheric;
words’ perfume smacks of meat.

Museum of the Mind finally open in
clinic’s former administration wing:

tribute to the true insta-autonomata.