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Dream Catcher by Sukrita

Dream Catcher: A Collection of Poems
Dream Catcher: Behind the Poems

Author: Sukrita
Publisher: Vani, Delhi
ISBN: 978-93-5072-710-2 & 978-93-5072-759-1
Price: Rs. 225 & Rs.75

About the Book

The native American Ojibwe people were the first ones to weave dream catchers as magical webs from willow hoops and sinew that trap bad dreams and allow good dreams to pass through the hole in the middle to reach the one sleeping. Come sunlight, the bad ones vanish while the good dreams are dreamt. I have been weaving these poems as a dream catcher to filter thoughts, emotions and dreams and reach… I do not know who! I hope the bad ones have disappeared…

The poems in this volume come from my sojourn in China, my contact with the snowy winter of Minnesota, the experience of the city forest of Jahanpanah and other imaginary terrains triggered off from the real stories of Tsunami devastation etc… or sieved from my memory of some odd dream-like reality.

About the Poet

Sukrita is a noted poet writing in English. While many of her poems explore the inner terrain of individual experiences, she views literature as an effective tool for social activism. Born and brought up in Kenya, she lives currently in Delhi.

She has published several collections of poems and critical books and translations including Without Margins, Narrating Partition, Poems Come Home, Sleepwalkers and Blind. Her poems have been translated into many foreign and Indian languages. A recipient of many fellowships and residencies, she is Fellow of the prestigious International Writing Programme, Iowa (USA).