Poetry at Sangam



TWO FOREIGN by Vahni Capildeo

if this language is the sole
to carry over
how we were war-thrown,
tens, dizzens, thon thorn
honour a tension,
learnt our statues: lesteners,
let’s lessen to poems:
but these words have class issues;
is it she’d rase or e-race
unnatural disasters? swap
swamp? fir Deccan,
deckhand? white-wipe? it izny
that; I do clean my ears; wait,
today I past the sign Youth
Redemption Centre, weighed,
Information, end lessoned
to the museum pornograph.
Phono-, okay. A sign tune
status, settle and lessen:
this is a poultry deering,
farm form; rede light and gleenright,
port and porch; born with cattle
or with a caul, see
her, hear mon pote, I don’t care,
for forlorner for longer
the stjörnu I stjeer by
wanted from the sky
vaultlines, wed’ve vound nae fault,
why’d –d I width us?