Poetry at Sangam



HORSES by Ashok Vajpeyi

Translated from the Hindi by Rahul Soni.


From beyond the horizon
where stars and comets glitter
like tall grass
the horses come
with trampling hooves
and sculpted muscles
but as though they are
returning to their camp:
like weary warriors
we see them coming
as if their arrival is an omen
of the end of war.

From beyond the mountains
from unknown valleys
the horses come
as if they’re coming home
as if we’re waiting to
load them up and start moving
towards our next destination.

The horses come
from all ten directions
carrying some sky on their backs
carrying some stars
wanting good for the earth
astonishing with their speed
the horses come –
unexpected words come to poetry;
light sudden between clouds;
god in crowds.
The horses come.