Poetry at Sangam




Mohan Gehani is the author of eleven books that include Popata Pakdinde (Chasing Butterflies, poetry), Sindh Jo Ithas-Jhalkoon (Glimpses of History of Sind) which was awarded by National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language, Ja Chityam Chit Mein (What I brooded over, literary essays), Muhinjo Nagar Kahido (Where is my City? poetry), Sindhiyat Jo Safar ( co-authored with Mr. Kirat Babani and Hari Pankaj), Ta kwaban Jo Chha Thindo (plays and ballets) awarded by Sahitya Akademi, Rina Pat Mein (poetry), monograph Poati Hitanadani in English under series  ‘Makers of Indian  Literature’ published by Sahitya Akademi, Tiral Pkharial Pana (Scattered Papers) in Sindhi. Additionally, the ballets Sindhudhara and Zala kadhen zera kadhen Zabara. His translations include Sami’s Shalokas with Menka Shivdasani for a Penguin Books anthology, Ten Folk Tales of Sindh by Prof Preetam Varyani and Dr Kapila Vatsayan’s  Bharat: Natya Shastra from English to Sindhi. He’s been actively connected with SINDHIYAT MOVEMENT to preserve Sindhi identity and inclusion of Sindhi language in 8th Schedule of Indian constitution. Gehani has participated in organizing All India sammelans. His award include the Saeen G M SAYED memorial award by World Sindhi Council at London, Sahitya Akademi Award-2011 and the A J Uttam and Sundri Uttamchandani Memorial Life time Achievement  Award by Akhil Bharat Sindhi Sahit Sabha (2014) among others.

Poems by Mohan Gehani