Poetry at Sangam



KD SINGH by Amlanjyoti Goswami

Old man,
Reclining armchair, lovely study,
Sunlight, white and green

Behind, a ladder, reaching the
Very beginning
A history of art, lucid storytelling,
Her hair a banyan tree.

How Picasso would feel, how blue
To hear once upon a time!
A monkey hopped on my shoulder.
A baby Dali retrieving history
He came from the large outside
Imagined only in paintings

A room like no other. Here she eats now, someone said
Drawing a chalk on the floor
Where he used to be
That’s because he is here now, I whisper,
Drawing another.

The blue and white sparkling golden
The sun never set
Never knew what it meant to leave.


Note: KD Singh, legendary bookman and gentleman, at The Bookshop in Delhi, remembered fondly.