Poetry at Sangam




After Rabindranath Tagore

Farewell the ancient land of Siam
farewell the land of the glorious kingdoms
                                of Laanas, Ayuthya and Khmer.
A silky crossroad of civilizations
jealously guarding the treasure-troves of ancient worlds
that blossomed on Swarnbhumi – your golden land. 
The hasty hours I spent in your embrace
rushing from city to city, island to island
I felt I have known you for centuries.
You are a home, away from home
your people brimming with smile
your streets filled with guests from distant foreign lands.

Visages of your young men and women glowing with hope
your houses guarded by the ancient ancestors and spirits
and your sacred land guarded by the King.
I say farewell to you Siam 
wishing to return again someday 
flowing with the river of time.
My brief sojourn have come to a hasty end
but moments spent with you will ever stay in my soul
I present you with a garland of verses picked up from the time’s garden.