Poetry at Sangam



“See that grave on the shore of the house…” by Joy Goswami

(Translated from the Bengali by Sampurna Chattarji.)

See that grave on the shore of the house
In the sleep of its shadowbank, I began
My past calls across the water: ‘Listen
Every auspicious hour, on the hour, the ferry leaves.’
The crow that sits with a pebble in its mouth on the roof of
the house
It knocks the morning unconscious with its caw
Lousy money, each and every time I propose a dumbshow
Before the toy fort
Wretched fame, crashing through the roof each and every
I try to escape
Padmini sucked her friend’s finger dry, ergo
You, too, are blood in the baby’s spoon
Impossible to read this obedient poem solicitously
Sitting between Ma and Baba
See the blood of households flowing from the courtyards
Slush at everyone’s doorstep—come on in, slipping and sliding
On the way, the fugitive future, chains
On his hands and legs, dogs on his tail