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Roselyne Sibille is a French poet born in 1953 in France. She studied geography, and once worked as a librarian. She lives in Provence where she writes on her approach to the human being in connection with self and nature. She gives writing and listening lessons at the University of Aix-en-Provence and has created poetry workgroups at the University of Avignon. She leads writing workgroups for the association Partage d’horizons. She has been organizing writing workshops in the Sahara Desert for the association L’Ami du Vent. Caroline Calloch says of Sibille’s work: “Her verses have the musical quality of a score. Language serves as a substitute for notes and forms a libretto… Roselyne Sibille’s word music vibrates between two poetic silences.” She has published several collections and collaborative works, including Lumière froissée (with paintings by Liliane-Eve Brendel), Par la porte du silence (with Bang Hai Ja), Versants and Tournoiements.

Poems by Roselyne Sibille

On the Other Side of the Shadow

The Shadow Rises before Me

The Shadow Steps Forward

The Shadow Moans

The Shadow is a Ridgeline

He Gazes Uncomprehendingly