Poetry at Sangam



HAIKU by Shizuko Suzuki, translated by Mariko Nagai

(Translated from the Japanese by Mariko Nagai.)


乳房もつ犬に蹴られ蹤けられ夕焼雲 [1]

The twilight clouds
I was kicked and followed
by a bitch with teats


わが喰うべき土用鰻(うなぎ)を殺さしむ [2]

I knife and kill
an eel I am meant to eat
for this dog day lunch


眉引くやことしの春は雨多く [3]

Painting my eyebrows
there’s too much, there’s too much rain
this spring season


蟻の体にジュッと当てたる煙草の火 [4]

I press the lighted
cigarette against an ant
and watch it burn


ひらく寒木瓜浮気な自分におどろく [5]

Flowers of Japanese
quince open and I’m surprised
by my flighty heart


売春や鶏卵にある拳(こぶし)の温かみ [6]

Warmth of the egg in
my hand, warmed by the egg
I sell myself


腋毛濃しさんさんと湧く雲間の陽 [7]

Bushy arm pits
Sunlight brilliant
amidst the scattering clouds


ダンサーも娼婦のうちか雪解の葉 [8]

Leaves and melting snow
I wonder if dancers are
whores selling themselves.


朝鮮へ書く梅雨の降り激ぎちけり [9]

I write a letter
to Korea as rain falls
hard this wet season


雪粉粉麻薬に狂う漢(おとこ)の眼 [10]

powder snow powder
drug I see the eyes of a man
addicted to drugs


一瞬や麻薬に犯れし眼と認(みとめ)む [11]

Only for a flash
but I saw the eyes ravaged
consumed by drugs


さよならケリーそして近づく降誕際 [12]

Good-bye to Carey
then Christmas will be here
soon enough too soon


傲然と雪堕るケリーとなら死ねる [13]

Snow falls indifferently
I now know can die with
Carey and for him


霧五千海里ケリークラッケへだたり死す [14]

Five thousand sea miles
and fog and death between
Carey Clark and I


急死なりと母なるひとの書乾く [15]

A letter from his mother
says that he died suddenly
the ink is already dry


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