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Anupama Raju is a poet, journalist, and corporate trainer. Her poetry has been featured in several anthologies, including the HarperCollins Book of English Poetry,Yellow Nib Modern English Poetry by Indians (Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry, Queen’s University, Belfast), Ten – The New Indian Poets (Nirala Publications), Big Bridge Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry, etc. Her writing has also appeared in The Hindu, The Caravan, The Little Magazine, Indian Literature, Mint Lounge, Pratilipi, and so on. Anupama is the writer for a collaborative Indo-French Poetry and Photography Project (2011-2013). She is also a translator and has been translating Malayalam author Paul Zacharia’s stories into English. She is working on her first book of poems.

Acknowledgments: ‘Nightless Night’ and ‘The Memory-maker’ are part of an Indo-French collaborative project, ‘Une Ville, Un lieu, Une Personne’ (2011-2012) with French photographer Pascal Bernard. These, along with ‘The Time Eater’ were published in The Caravan (1 November, 2012).

Poems by Anupama Raju

Five Couplets For What Has Gone By

Everyday Sounds

The Time-Eater

The Memory Maker

Nightless Night

Disorient Express