Poetry at Sangam



A WORD MANDALA ON KARMA by Kala Krishnan Ramesh

1. The Master Tests Him With A Riddle On “Karma”

Moon in water,
the murderer’s leap
slices it in two.

                        Heartploughing this riddle on karma,
                        the one wanting to be a monk
                        looks to birdturns and
                        windspells for clues.


2. Then The Master Gives Him Another Riddle

Winging a rat to its perch,
the hawk sits

                        Try as he might, the one eager to be a
                        monk, cannot stop the memory of
                        the gongs striking the hours
                        and half-hours in his home.


3. Finally He Has Figured It Out And Tells The Master

Karma washed away:
on the page,
rain drops.

                        It appeared to him that this would all
                        seem to be in dream, if the
                        punctuation did not demand
                        so much attention.