Poetry at Sangam



IRON WOMAN by Menka Shivdasani

Woman of iron, from an exploded star,
I embed myself in a crusty earth
that waits for the sun to rise.

My moment will come,
in meteors and mud, as I lie unseen
while the globe revolves.
You may burn me and blast me,
the furnace afire,
yet only free me
from compounds that bind.

Hammer me into sheets;
I am malleable too.
I will turn into a plough
and shake the earth.
Stretch me into wires,
ductile and delicate;
I will light up
the world in return.

I can stretch without breaking,
for I have been through the blaze,
freed from the meteorite
with lightning tongue.
You may melt me and mix me,
I emerge even purer,
magnetic and ready to strike –

Iron woman in her element.