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Dr (Stanley) Todd Swift is a well-respected poet, literary editor, critic, publisher and university teacher, whose projects are recognised on the world stage. His poems have been recorded in the British Poetry Archive. He has recently curated a section of Tupelo Press’ major new anthology of world anglophone poetry, sponsored by The PoetryFoundation in Chicago. He is included in the Oxford Companion to Modern Poetry In English (2013). He has published eight full poetry collections, many more pamphlets, and edited or co-edited numerous international anthologies. He is Director of Eyewear Publishing, and a University Teacher at Glasgow University, ranked 51st leading university in the world, 2013. He holds a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing from the University of East Anglia. He was born and raised in Quebec, Canada, of Scots, Irish, and English roots.

Poems by Todd Swift

For the Boy in the Choir with Tourette’s

As ‘Heavenly Bodies’ by Tamaryn Played

Disorders of Personality

In Memoriam, Seamus Heaney

Unfinished Study of a French Girl

Young Husband