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Indian born Usha Kishore is an award winning British poet and translator. Her poetry and translations are widely published in international journals. Her work has been anthologised by Macmillan, Hodder Wayland, Oxford University Press and HarperCollins among others. Her poetry is part of the UK Primary and Indian Middle School syllabus. Usha’s translations of Śankarā have been published in Indian, UK and US journals. An excerpt of her translation of the Grīśma Canto of Kālidāsa’s epyllion, Rtusamhāram has been featured in Muse India (Mar-Apr, 2013) and another excerpt is forthcoming in the Jubilee Issue of the Indian journal, Kavya Bharati. Her debut poetry collection, On Manannan’s Isle, which has won an Arts Council Award and a Manx Heritage Foundation Award, is forthcoming from dpdotcom, UK in February, 2014. Translations of the Divine Woman is to be published by Rasāla Books, India in 2014.

Essays by Usha Kishore

On Translating the Divine Woman