Poetry at Sangam




K. Satchidanandan has been writing poetry in Malayalam for over 50 years, and has translated much of his own work into English, which makes him one of India’s very few poets who write with matching felicity in more than one language. His poetic voyage is almost synonymous with the journey or Malayalam – and Indian – poetry into modernism and beyond. A scholar and critic, Satchidanandan weaves an extraordinary world of poetic imagination with ingredients that include strong political conviction, a wide-ranging intimacy with global literature and art, a deep rootedness in philosophy, and unshakeable moorings in his personal context of language, society and humanism.

Poems by K. Satchidanandan

Under the Earth

Misplaced Objects


Face to Face

A Discourse on Non-Violence

Burnt Poems

A Man with a Door


Old Women

How Love Dies these Days


To become Wind