Poetry at Sangam




Kutti Revathi (Dr. S. Revathi) has been an important Tamil voice in the feminist space in India, dealing with the politics of the female body through poetry, her chosen literary form. Some of her poems, such as “Mulaigal” (Breasts), have achieved iconic status all over the world. “Mulaigal” attracted its fair share of controversy from the conservative Tamil literary society that accused her of being sensationalist and explicit, and threats including that such poets ‘should be burnt’ were prevalent. To offer other young writers a space to air their views, she has founded and edits a feminist journal, Panikkudam, and helps younger women poets to publish their work through her publishing house. Trained in Siddha Medicine, Kutti Revathi is also a filmmaker and engages herself actively in issues of caste and violence against women.

Poems by Kutti Revathi