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Mani Rao is the author of eight books of poetry including Ghostmasters (2010, Chameleon Press) and Echolocation (2003 Chameleon Press; 2014, Math Paper Press), and a translation of the Gita as a modern poem (Autumn Hill Books, 2010; Penguin India, 2011). Her translation of Kalidasa’s works is forthcoming from Aleph Books. Mani’s essays and poems have been featured in numerous journals and anthologies including Fulcrum, Iowa Review, Colorado Review, Wasafiri, Meanjin, Zoland Poetry, Bloodaxe Book of Indian Poets, and W. W. Norton’s anthology. For links to her poems, see www.manirao.com

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Reading the Ṛgveda

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So That You Know

Make Poverty History – Indian Restaurant, London

Peace Treaty

Poem, Sisyphus

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Meghadūtam by Kālidāsa