Poetry at Sangam



EPITAPH by Mani Rao

Tooth for a tooth defang
Plucked feather mess
Ring formation around the precious gone
We the child of you and me
Two roots anchored each other
Each both tree and soil
Day and night : lips played at missing
Twilight a lasting a las t
Dyad caught in a snag
Vectors pulled
Two ends of a rope knew they were one when they tried to separate
Our future sense created a telescope
The telescope became a passage
Our passage
If it doesn’t have a passage I won’t call it a home
Easier to lose someone to death than to life
The present pollutes the past
The physical blocks the view
The clatter frightens the presence
When shutter sprang
We captured our stuffed animal
Stiff gloat of headstones
Horripilation on the plum tree
One sudden fruit and tiny impoverished seed inside
Those days of bottoms-up hourglass
Now the reverberations the deepwalking
We took our shoes off and walked. The fender became a reef a garland of shells. Crabs closed their eyes like a loud wish pretending to have disappeared when we went closer. I watched as you waited a little longer. The high tide closed in quickly around your feet covered the bare sand and picked up the backwater.