Poetry at Sangam



May 2013

In May, we present essays by David Need and poems by Karthika Nair. The first essay, The Room Next Door contains ruminations on early Rig Vedic hymns to dawn and Rilke’s poetics, and reflections on the figure of the poem as a lattice through which the poet pours his words. The second, Brief Remarks on Basho’s Poetry is, in both spirit and form, as terse and meditative as the subject David ponders on: the haiku. Not only does he raise intriguing questions on the process of transcreating a haiku in the English, he reveals the fascinating concept of ‘scent links’ that bind these poems. Karthika Nair experiments with poetic forms with assured sophistication; her jewelled creations stir the heart. We carry the villanelle Tempus Fugit, and two free verse poems The Invaders and Meridians V from her collection, Bearings (HarperCollins India, 2009) and three new poems written at – and about – Sangam House: Worship (in tanka), which features the canine demi-gods of Kula; Fare Thee Well – also in tanka – that evokes a daybreak goodbye when one of the writers left; and Samhära, which attempts to capture the eponymous piece by Nrityagram.

Though we are but a month old, poets are mailing to ask: would you carry the work of poets who haven’t got a collection published as yet? Yes of course we would; we understand the challenges this involves. But do read the ‘About’ and the poems on view. We also welcome essays on poetics.